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Losing your hair, while common, can be concerning. If nonsurgical treatments aren't sufficient to stop or slow your hair loss, it might be time to consider a hair transplant. Divinity Aesthetics offers NeoGraft Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) to Creve Coeur, MO patients who would like fuller, thicker hair. NeoGraft FUE is a hair transplant surgery that's minimally invasive and uses innovative technology to extract and implant individual hair follicles at the same time. NeoGraft FUE selects the best donor follicles in the back of your head and then places them where they are needed. NeoGraft technology carefully sets each follicle graft so your results appear and feel natural. If you have advanced hair thinning or bald spots, schedule a consultation at Divinity Aesthetics to find out more about NeoGraft FUE hair surgery.

Your NeoGraft FUE procedure will be performed at our Creve Coeur, MO practice using a local anesthetic on your scalp. An oral sedative may be prescribed before your appointment to help you remain comfortable. During your consultation, your provider will discuss what to expect during your NeoGraft FUE surgery, such as how long it will take. When you are ready, our team will begin the hair transplant process. While they work, you can relax and listen to music or watch TV.

The NeoGraft system allows your hair transplant to be performed without stitches, scalpels, staples, or linear scars. Your customized treatment plan will be created to consider where the follicles will be taken from and placed along with their hair's direction, angle, and orientation so the transplanted follicles will blend seamlessly with your natural hair. NeoGraft technology assists our providers in selecting which hair follicles should be removed, ensuring the follicles are consistent in diameter and length.

NeoGraft FUE utilizes precision technology to harvest and implant hair follicles, ensuring natural-looking results with minimal discomfort. The benefits of hair transplants with NeoGraft FUE include:

  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • No linear scarring
  • Natural-looking results
  • High success rate
  • Quick recovery time

I am totally pleased with the care I am getting. Everyone is very accommodating and helpful. It's one of the best spas I have been to. I will definitely give them 5 stars.

V.S. Google

I started going to Divinity Aesthetics for injectables and love my results I get every time! Dr. Arshadi is a true artist in aesthetics! Recently they added some new devices which I am excited about because now I can more than just injectables! I purchased a package for laser hair removal, and a package of CO2 to treat my melasma. I am loving my results for both 💯…and my melasma is basically gone in just two treatments (I still have two treatments teaming)!!!!! I will update once I see my final results but as of now wish I could give more than ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!!

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Professional, kind, and knowledgeable office regarding wellness, aesthetics and weight loss. The doctor is very helpful and honest. Highly recommend to check out the many services they offer!

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Divinity Aesthetics appointments are the highlight of my week. Everyone there is friendly and knowledgeable, I know I’m in the best hands for treatment there.

N.D. Google

Most professional, friendly and knowledgeable office regarding wellness , aesthetics and weight loss programs , I have lost 17 pounds in 24 days, what a great follow up , literally I receives call everyday from physician him self asking about how I feel and what can be done more to help me, no one can beat them , I will Highly recommend Divinity clinic and its services for , male wellness , female wellness , esthetics , weight loss and for much more of personal issue performance issue for both males and females. I love them they are just great.😊

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Though hair loss is common, it can cause anxiety and low self-confidence. If you are interested in a long-lasting hair restoration solution, schedule an appointment at Divinity Aesthetics in Creve Coeur, MO to learn more about NeoGraft Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). State-of-the-art NeoGraft FUE transplant surgery can help you achieve the full head of hair that you desire.

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